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The Handwriting Highway


Handwriting Services

3 hour workshop - (Manuscript or Cursive) The manuscript session is for teachers of Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade, staff and administrators. They can be instructed in a program such as Handwriting Without Tears® or other manuscript programs. The cursive session is for teachers of Third through Sixth Grade, staff and administrators. They can be instructed in a program such as Handwriting Without Tears, Loops and Other Groups, Wilson Cursive, or other cursive programs.

Our unique curriculum uses entertaining, multisensory techniques and research based methods to help teachers and students develop skills in handwriting fluency and legibility. Our instructional techniques and activities help the teacher to improve a child's handwriting, incorporating skills such as pencil grip, posture, size, sequence, spacing, orientation, memory, placement, start and control; and develop other essential school success skills. Research shows that most children who write well are able to perform better academically.

·       Individual Classroom Consultations - This individual classroom consultation time can include full class instruction, working with small groups and/or assessing. The handwriting program will be supported and reinforced through this contact with the teachers and students.

·      After School Inservice - Teachers can be provided separate inservices after school to assist the teachers in problem solving and developing strategies when working with all students including those with higher needs. Monitoring the program for timely teaching and providing guidance for the future lessons is another aspect of these inservices.

      After School Handwriting Support for Students - Students receive handwriting instruction at their school as part of an extended day. This is established working with the school district and students' teachers.

·      Parent Workshops - These workshops will provide the necessary education to the parents so that they can connect the handwriting link from school to home and back . These can be provided and tailored as per request of the school district.

·      Assessments - Using the Print Tool Evaluation for evidenced based intervention, we provide guidance for a remediation plan specific to the child’s needs. (A quick handwriting screener is also available.)

·      Individual Student Tutoring

·      Handwriting Camp – Multisensory camps are available for children to teach handwriting instruction combined with games and activities that develop the skills for handwriting mastery.